About Us

Vancouver Commercial and Residential Construction contractor Harmony Pacific Projects Inc.

Where we Started

Founded in 2005, Harmony Pacific Projects has consistently produced outstanding results in high quality new construction and renovations.  We have experience working on a variety of project scales ranging from 100 to 6000 square feet.

Our Approach

We work with clients and designers to create personalized spaces that reflect their unique lifestyles and needs. We bring a high level of craftsmanship to every project and no matter what the scale all Harmony projects have one goal in common: give attention to every detail in order to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

More than Just Construction

We enjoy working with designers and architects and are known for our problem solving skills and ability to adapt designer drawings to suit unforeseen as built conditions. Sometimes the transition from conceptual drawings to physical placement requires ingenuity and resourcefulness in order to construct and capture the architectural idea. Our expertise enables us to overcome such challenges competently so your project remains on track and on budget.

Investing IN Our Team

Harmony Pacific Projects knows the value of qualifications.We support student training and hire accredited journeymen carpenters and those enrolled in apprenticeship programs. Everyone working on a Harmony project shares the same goals and work ethic and knows what it takes to achieve the best quality for our clients. They look ahead to the next phase in a project to anticipate and assess needs keeping the job flowing smoothly. For us, satisfaction doesn’t come from completion. It comes from completion done well.

"For construction quality and finishing details, Harmony Pacific Projects Inc. has consistently met or exceeded my expectations."
Robert Ledingham, Ledingham Design Consultants
"Truly excellent service; overall excellent workmanship; I would recommend you to a friend or colleague without reservation."
John Patkau, Architect
"It has been a pleasure working with you. Value came from the quality of the workmanship. It was a stress-free experience for us."
Shirley & George Vallance

Harmony Pacific Projects Inc.
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